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Host Angular CLI build on Amazon S3

Step #1 — Create a new Angular app with the angular-cli Create an Angular app (if you haven’t got any). Install angular-cli with npm: npm install -g @angular/cli After installation, create a new project: ng new cloud_project This will install all dependencies,... Continue Reading →


Javascript Learning 1.5 – Inserting DOM nodes

We can create Dynamic Dom elements and insert them into HTML at runtime. Hence enabling us to create HTML and insert them at will. The major commands used for this process are createElement() This command takes the DOM element you... Continue Reading →

Running a Sample Mongo DB using Node JS

We are learning how to setup an Angular Application. How about learning the basics of Mongo DB just to setup a quick Backend service running in no time. Also please note that this is just a quick setup to run... Continue Reading →

Javascript Learning – 1.4 Dot and Bracket Notation

Javascript has a method to write for example The above all code is divided using a (.) called a Dot Notation The above all code is using Brackets so it is called a Bracket Notation   The main usage between... Continue Reading →

Angular Full Course Syllabus

JavaScript fundamentals What are Libraries (jQuery)? What is jQuery? Its Basics. Introduction to Ajax. Plugin Development for jQuery. What are Web Applications? The Challenge with Web Apps (SPA) SPA or Web App's? To bind or not to bind? this is... Continue Reading →

Javascript Learning – 1.3 Access the DOM and Writing In HTML

The main purpose of Javascript was to make web more Dyanamic. So accesing the DOM was very important. Lets learn the Diffrent ways used in Javascript to Access the DOM. I hope we already know what a DOM is, it... Continue Reading →

Javascript Learning – 1.2 – Javascript Syntax

Well Javascript is a Case Sensitive Language. All of its functions follow a Camel Case Notation. Below are few more Basics to know about writing a Javascript Program. 1) JS Statements Javascript Statements are the code execution line. Each code... Continue Reading →

Javascript Learning – 1.1 Why was it Built?

Javascript and reason for its Origin Earlier days in around 1993 Mosaic was the browser first most famous for its newspaper like content over the web, it got famous for its support for protocols such as File Transfer Protocol, Network... Continue Reading →

Jquery Learning Basics

jQuery Intro jQuery: An Introduction How jQuery Works A First Example JavaScript Basics Syntax Basics Reserved Words Operators Basic Operators Operations on Numbers and Strings Logical Operators Truthy and Falsy Values Comparison Operators Conditional Code Conditional Variable Assignment with the... Continue Reading →

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