Well Javascript is a Case Sensitive Language. All of its functions follow a Camel Case Notation. Below are few more Basics to know about writing a Javascript Program.

1) JS Statements
Javascript Statements are the code execution line.
Each code line in an Javascript is known as a statement

var a = 2 + 3; // this is a statement

2)JS Commenting
Any line which is written in code but which is not executed in a code is called a Comment. It is mostly used to ease a second persom viewing the code to what each line does. Like we have done above.

3) JS Vairable
If we want to store any values in a code we have to allocate some space for each value to store. We use variables to store values

var b = 2;
var c = 3;
var a = b + c;  // Output: 5

4) JS Operators
Airthmetic Operators

Assignment Operator

Comparision Operators

Bitwise Operators

String Operator


Logical Operators


They Above are the basic Syntax for Javascript.