There are ways to start an Angular project. But its always gud to follow some basic Methodology. While making a project we need to consider few things as listed below.

1) It must be easy to run locally as well as on a server.
2) Project must have different working files structure and Build File structure.
3) Plugins can just be installed from npm directly without hassle of adding them to project individually.
4) Using Sass compiler within project for CSS.
5) mixing up all js files all linted and ready for final build.
6) Maintaining seperate files for Working structure merging them all for the build into single working folder.
7) Running a server from the same directory and pointing to build folder.
8) Watching out for files changes and constantly building the files.

Well this all is followed in the Productioon level for a consistency in code.

So Let begin with the process.
1. Make sure you have nodejs installed link here and Ruby installed for Sass  compilation link here
2. Now on your PC create a project folder which is currently empty.
3. Optionally you can always create an empty repo and link it in this folder. So later on you can save you code to github repository. To learn more about GIT, check my post. Working with github without GUI.
4. open that folder into command prompt. open run type ‘cmd’ hit enter.
– type cd followed by folder name     – now type ‘npm init’ hit enter.
– This will ask for various options just press enter for all.
– You can see that a ‘package.json’ file is created.

PACKAGE.JSON file recods all our plugin installations into the project folder. We will talk about it more in detail later.  It will look something like below.